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Serious Accidents Require Serious Representation

"The sword is a means to an end, but the ultimate goal is peace." -Miyamoto Musashi
You just got in a car accident, here's what you need to do: Call the Ruiz Law Firm immediately. We'll answer your call anytime, even nights and weekends. You deserve a lawyer who will be there at a moments notice to help you with emergency medical care, hospital bills, transportation, and to help you get your life back. Call us today, we can help (713) 234-7894.
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What We Mean by Reduced Fee Injury Attorney

At the Ruiz Law Firm, "reduced rate" means that we charge a 30% contingency fee on all pre-litigation cases (when settled with the insurance company and no lawsuit is filed), rather than the standard rate of 33.3% fee, which is a valuable asset for clients who have been injured in accidents. Contingency fees are a common payment arrangement in personal injury cases, where the attorney receives a percentage of the settlement or award if the case is successful. By offering a lower contingency fee, the Ruiz Law Firm helps clients keep more of their settlement or award, which can be a significant financial relief for those who are struggling to make ends meet after an accident. While a 3.3% difference may not seem like a lot, it can add up to thousands of dollars in savings for clients, especially in cases where the settlement or award is substantial. Moreover, our commitment to this reduced rate model means that we provide affordable legal services to help clients overcome the challenges that arise after an accident. By partnering with the Ruiz Law Firm, clients can rest assured that their legal needs will be met without having to worry about exorbitant legal fees. While our rates may be lower than other attorneys, we don't allow this to compromise our level of service or expertise. In fact, Ruiz Law Firm has years of experience and a track record of success in negotiating settlements or winning trials for our clients. By providing affordable legal services, we ensure that everyone has access to justice, regardless of their financial situation.

We're a Mighty Sword of Justice and Compassion: Ruiz Law Firm, PLLC

You've been dealt a fierce blow in the form of a car accident, but it's time to draw the sword and fight back. Our sharp, smart and strategic legal warriors are here to pierce through the complexities of your case to bring you the resolution you deserve. Our team of attorneys is equipped with the skills and experience needed to defend your rights and claim to recover the maximum compensation for your injuries.

We're Not Just Lawyers, We're Battle-Tested Warriors

We've recovered millions for our injured clients. With years of experience fighting for the seriously injured, our team of attorneys know how to navigate the battlefield with strength, wisdom, and persistence. Our focus is on winning the battle and ensuring you receive the compensation you need to recover and get back on your feet.

We represent injury victims in crashes caused by these and other factors:

-Excessive speed

-Drunk driving

-Distracted driving

-Running a yellow or red stoplight

Maximize Your Damages with Our Legal Strategy

From medical costs to rehabilitation expenses, our team of legal warriors will strike the edge of their sword to ensure you receive compensation for all your damages. Whether we settle in negotiations or go to trial, our powerful defense and offensive strategies are tailored to get you the best possible outcome.

Our Auto Accident Attorneys are Here to Fight for You

Our legal warriors are not just here to defend you, they're here to fight for you. They bring with them years of experience, a deep understanding of personal injury cases and a passion for helping those who've been hurt on Texas roads. Let our legal warriors be your armor and shield as you rest and recover.

The compensation we will seek can include costs for damages such as:

-Medical costs

-Rehabilitation expenses

-Vehicle and other property damage

-Loss of salary

-Pain and suffering

-Disfigurement and other long-term effects

Let Us Help You Gain the Advantage on the Legal Battle Ground

Don't wait to start the fight for your rights. Contact us today for a free car accident case evaluation and let our team of legal warriors begin working on your case right away. Whether you were involved in an 18-wheeler or semi-truck accident, our warriors have the experience and knowledge to win the battle and bring you the glory you deserve.

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