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Personal Injury Attorneys in Pearland, Texas

Pursuing Compensation for the Injured

Being seriously injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault can be life-changing. You may have high medical bills and may not be able to work. Providing for yourself and/or a family, at a time when you are recovering, can add even more stress to your situation. Our attorneys at the Abogado Ruiz Law Firm, PLLC, we strive to support those who have suffered hardships – through no fault of your own – receive the proper compensation for injuries.

Types of Personal Injury Cases We Handle

There are many types of accidents that can cause serious injuries, and we’ve handled them all. Let us fight to protect your rights and seek the financial compensation you deserve and need for medical bills. Our cases include the following:

  • Automobile and trucking collisions – If a driver fails to exercise “reasonable care,” they can be considered negligent and can be held responsible for any damages or injuries. We handle numerous trucking collisions, automobile collisions, boat collisions, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, and common carriers, including accidents involving taxi cabs, trains, and buses.

  • Slip-and-fall accidents – Property owners are responsible for keeping their premises safe and for warning visitors of any potential hazards. People who slip and fall and are injured on another person’s property due to unsafe conditions may be eligible for compensation.

  • Job-site construction injuries – We handle accidents related to injuries that are a result of negligence at a construction site, involving unsafe working conditions, defective equipment and machinery, and simple human error.

  • Property owner’s liability – Premises liability claims we handle include accidents resulting in injuries due to the dangerous condition of the property, including falls, negligent maintenance, negligent security and fire.

  • Medical malpractice – We offer representation for accidents resulting from the negligent care or treatment of medical providers, including doctors, nurses and hospitals.

  • Wrongful death action – We have presented wrongful death suits when there is a death due to automobile collisions, trucking collisions, construction negligence and medical malpractice.

  • Physical assault – Our experience includes accident cases involving injuries resulting from unprovoked physical assaults, including any intentional infliction of injury.

  • Animal attacks – We have advocated for clients with serious injuries as a result of unprovoked animal attacks, such as injuries by dogs or other animals

Fight for Fair Compensation

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Let Us Give You Options

In evaluating whether or not you may have a personal injury case, we focus on three key issues: liability, damages, and insurance coverage. Our attorneys are experienced with these matters and can help you determine whether or not you should file a personal injury claim.

Call us for a free phone evaluation, but first look to ensure you have the necessary evidence, such as:

  1. Past medical bills

  2. Future medical bills

  3. Lost wages

  4. Loss of future earning ability

  5. Past and future pain and suffering

  6. Permanency of the injury

  7. Treatment history

  8. Insurance available

We will be happy to discuss your situation and discuss your options with you.

Serious Injuries Demand Action

Our personal injury attorney is a compassionate man and offers fierce representation that seeks your most favorable results. Contact us today or call us in Pearland, Texas. We proudly serve the surrounding areas including Brazoria County, Harris County, Fort Bend County, Montgomery County, and Dallas New County. Reach out today.