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Adalberto (Alberto) Ruiz, Esq.

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Remained in the U.S.


A Cuban Refugee who became a Legal Permanent Resident was busted visiting a “friend’s grow house,” while testing the foliage, federal agents unexpectedly paid them a visit. My client was detained in county jail and charged with possessing five to 50 lbs of marijuana, and after successfully completing two of his three years of probation, ICE broke down his door one day and took him to the CCA Immigrant Detention Center in Houston…

Awarded Compensation & Vacation


20-year veteran county employee wrongfully terminated for racial slurs. My client was “squeezed out” of her job after new co-workers discovered she made more money than them. They conspired against her and the supervisor bought in and accused my client of making racist comments toward co-workers. We went through the grievance process and the county still refused to present their employee-witnesses. Thus, when the workforce commission hearing…

Properly Compensated Settlement


A wealthy landowner had been in a property-line dispute for three years with her neighbor, both wanted to sell but neither could because of the pending lien battles between them. She came to the Ruiz Law Firm, PLLC, very upset and “wanted blood” when she arrived. Instead, we gave her peace of mind…

Well-Compensated for Totaled Vehicle, Injuries and Lost Wages


One of Abogado Ruiz’ personal injury clients called him moments after being rear-ended at a stop sign. She was hit full-force and her car was totaled. Abogado Ruiz acted fast and got her into a rental car immediately. She was able to recover all of her property damage within a couple of weeks and was able to get a new car…

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