The Sword of Justice is Here TO FIGHT, TO WIN.

The fierce and polished attorneys at the Ruiz Law Firm are here to help you cut through the noise and get the results you want.

Personal Injury & Car Accident State and Federal Lawyer in Pearland, Texas.

When you're backed into a corner, you can rely on the persistence and grit of our attorneys to drive meaningful results.

The Attorneys you Always Wanted, but Hope you Never Need.

There are times in life when we must draw the sword and strike, our attorneys are here to shield and guide you along the way.
"The sword is the defender of justice and the avenger of wrongdoing." - Zorro
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Our attorneys and staff answer and returns calls quickly and if you need Attorney Ruiz's cell phone number at anytime, just ask. Our mission is to provide direct access and regular updates to keep you informed. Call us if you need anything:
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Our experienced lawyers will craft a tailored approach to your case, ensuring that your unique needs and circumstances are the driving force behind our strategies, delivering the best possible outcome for you. ensuring that your unique legal circumstances align with our understanding of your case. This symbiotic approach to client communication is what sets us apart from others.


Hablamos Espanol and we understand you needs. Ruiz Law Firm provides unmatched continuity and communication with clients. If you ever have an issue getting an update on your case, call us and ask for Attorney Ruiz's cell number.
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Your Sword and Shield in the Legal Field.

We are both a sword and shield for our client's legal rights. As a sword, we fight for people by using our knowledge of the law to seek justice on behalf of clients. We aggressively pursue our cases in court, challenging the opposing party's arguments, and use persuasive tactics to sway a judge or jury. We utilize the sword of justice to help clients achieve their desired outcomes, whether it's winning a settlement, negotiating a favorable plea deal, or achieving their legal goals.
As a shield, the Ruiz Law Firm uses our knowledge of the law and legal procedures to protect  client's rights, challenge evidence, and negotiate plea bargains. We also help our clients navigate the legal system and minimize the potential negative consequences of their case. By being both a sword and a shield, Ruiz Law Firm can provide comprehensive legal representation for our clients, fighting for their interests while also ensuring they receive a fair and just outcome in their case.

Serious Injuries require sharp representation. Let us help you cut through the insurance red tape.

You've just been is a serious accident. You're injured, and your life has been complicated by someone else's negligence. Ruiz Law Firm is ready to help protect you from unexpected medical bills, loss of transportation and income. If necessary, we'll meet you at your home or the hospital, day or night or we'll have you transported (free of charge) to our office.